Indian Lake NY Post 1392

Meeting 1st Wed each Month

October - April annually Post 1392 Meets at 4pm. May - September annually Post 1392 Meets at 7pm.

December 7th

Don’t let America forget Dec. 7 Dear American Legion Family and Friends, “December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy.” That famous proclamation from President Franklin D. Roosevelt still stands true today. But as 76th anniversary events take place this week in Pearl Harbor, there is a noticeable shift from the large-scale commemoration activities that occurred a year ago for the 75th remembrance services. This year, fewer media outlets will be in attendance. Fewer guests will be in Hawaii to honor those who defended democracy amid the surprise attack by the Japanese on that Sunday morning so long ago. And, sadly, there will be even fewer Pearl Harbor survivors than in the past. The number of survivors will continue to dwindle every year.​ But we cannot – we must not – let their heroism fade from the memories of Americans. It is our duty as patriotic citizens to educate future generations on what the Greatest Generation did, starting with repelling the attack on Pearl Harbor. After all, it’s embedded in the DNA of our organization, “To preserve the memories and incidents of our associations in the Great Wars.” I am honored to be a part of the commemoration ceremonies this year at Pearl Harbor. For those who are unable to attend, the ceremonies will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube and the website of the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument’s website. A schedule, details and more information can be found here: Join me in honoring our commitment to “never forget” by honoring those heroes on Dec. 7. And be sure to engage your communities, your local schools and others in remembering and honoring the date that will indeed live in infamy. Family First. Denise H. Rohan


   All you veterans out there who are not already members, why not join us at the Legion? Give us a hand to help our community and be a part of a local force, as well as a national one, which represents all us veterans. We have to join hands to preserve our principles and what we have fought for.



                  Meetings:  Monthly on the first Wednesday @ 7:00pm

WELCOME to the Parker-Benton Post 1392  POB 699   Indian Lake, NY. 12842  

The post was established on the 25th. of January 1946 with the fourteen

charter members shown below.


     It ws named after two local servicemen who were killed in action during WW II, Beecher Parker and Elmer Benton.

    Pfc. Beecher Parker was killed in Italy on 6 January, 1944 and was awarded the Silver Star for bravery in action, posthumously. His company was pinned down by heavy enemy fire, and he as part of a wire team, went out to string a communication line to the cammand post. The irony is that they succeeded uninjured. Then the line was knocked out and they went out again to repair it and that was when he was killed. His body was returned to the USA in 1949 and he was buried in Cedar River Cemetery.

   Elmer Benton was in the navy as a turret gunner on an LST and was killed in action on 28 April, 1944, he had just turned 18. He was on LST 531 which was involved in Operation Tiger, an amphibious training exercise off the southern coast of England, in preparation for D Day. German E boats attracted by the unusually high  radio activity homed in and found this large non-combatant force. The fast German boats quickly closed in to torpedo as many as they could, then scoot away. Three LSTs were lost, one was crippled badly, another exploded in flames and LST 531, sank in 6 minutes. Elmer was killed along with most hand on board, there were only a few survivors. In all, that day, 749 troops were lost which was the highest number of casualties ever lost in a training exercise during the entire war.  






   The land on which the Post building now stands was sold to the Legion for $1.00 by the Indian Lake Central School District on the 8th. of April, 1957. This has been deeded and recorded. 

  Originally, the land was donated by the late Mr. Edward Brooks to the school for educational  purposes. However, the school board decided that they had no need for this land, but there was a need for a Legion hall and for a medical building. It was necessary to get the consent of Mr. Brooks daughter, Evelyn Kinner, since the use was for "educational purposes".  She consented and the land was divided, half  for the Legion Hall and the other for a medical building. Dr. Carroll, James Curry, and Joseph Benton were involved in the negotiations. Charles Carroll did the survey of the property.

   In 1958 construction was started and a building was erected by the voluntary work of members at that time. Unfortunately, in later years, the original foundation started to give way and if something was not done the integrity of the building would be threatened. 

   The building was lifted off the old foundation and moved to the side, allowing for a basement to be dug on the old site. A concrete foundation and full basement was put in and the building was returned to it's original site where it stands today. In the fall of 1996 the building was renovated, vinyl siding, a ramp for the handicaped, and other upgrades were installed.              

    The Legion selectively allows the building and facilities to be used for many different events in the community such as scout meetings, religious groups, family celebrations etc.